Tablet crusher is a medical device designed to reduce caplets and pills into fine powder form, enabling easy intake of medicines by patients. Tablet crusher typically is a table-top unit incorporated with a manual handle and operates mechanically by applying a pressure to crush the tablet and collect it into plastic pouch or cup. A variety of pill crushers or tablet crushers are commercially available in the market, which includes manual handheld tablet crushers, electric powered pill crushers, metal tablet crushers, others. Tablet crushers are used in distinct healthcare facilities and are used mainly at homecare setting enabling the intake of coated drugs and vitamins, either direct intake or mixed with liquid food. Also, a plastic cup or bag is always required to be used with a tablet crusher in order to prevent cross contamination of different tablets in facilities where more than one patients medication is crushed.

Tablet crushers work in a way that the tablets are inserted into the plastic bag or cup and then the crusher handle is lowered down to break the pill. The broken pills are then rotated and crushed finely again. The crushed tablets repeatedly undergo the mentioned steps till a desired consistency is obtained. In some cases, a doctor needs to be consulted prior crushing a tablet in order to make sure the medications could be crushed in a pill crushers without losing their property. Tablet crushers are used at hospitals or home care settings to evaluate the method of drug administration that determines whether the patient gained any therapeutic value or any adverse effect is registered.

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Increase in Non-Compliance with Medication Regimes

Over the time, it is estimated that about 75 percent of the older patients did not comply with their medication regimes when they have to stay at hospital. The older the patient, more would be the intake of medications by them, thereby increasing non-compliance with their medication regimes. An older patient might become non-compliant as they find it difficult to swallow large capsules, have dislike for taste of a particular medicine, and are afraid of taking large number of medicines. In order to avoid this compliance situation, opening capsules and crushing tablets are made available on a wide scale. Approximately, 84.0% of the practitioners have adopted the above mentioned methods of administering medicine

Evolution of technically advanced latex-free, economical tablet cutters with excellent pill crushing features is fueling the demand of tablet cutters across hospitals, nursing homes and home care settings. Emergence of tablet crushers in home care setting is providing economic advantages for the manufacturers of pill crushers. Electric powered tablet crushers are in high demand in large setting hospitals. However, advanced silent tablet crusher still need some time to lead the demand for tablet crushers. This is due to less adoption of newly introduced crushers over conventional manual tablet crushers.

The global market for tablet crushers is driven by increasing availability of tablet crushers at reasonable cost with best design, which is durable and sturdy. Growing number of older patients that face non-compliance with their medication regimes is another factor driving the demand for tablet crushers across the globe. Availability of variant tablet crushers with features to handle and crush the tablets of different size is a preliminary factor increasing penetration of these products in matured markets. However, emerging countries of Asia Pacific region do not have high adoption rate for tablet crushers, which restricts the market growth in Asia Pacific region. Technological advancements in tablet crushers is an important factor fueling the growth of tablet crushers market. For instance, an introduction of advanced silent tablet crusher has revolutionized the medicinal crushing mechanism.

High Adoption of Silent Tablet Crushers

Based on the product type, significant portion of the market has been covered by handheld tablet crushers, electric crushers, silent tablet crushers, and others. Electric tablet crushers and silent tablet crushers collectively hold largest revenue share. This is due to higher adoption of advanced pill crushers with latest features. Moreover, the tablet crushers are comparatively inexpensive and easily available online or at nearby drugstores which lead to strong positioning of these product segments in the overall market.

Professional Tablet Crusher Used in Hospitals

Hospitals, nursing homes, and private homecare settings pose a strong position in the market due to high demand of silent tablet crushers in these end use settings. These end user share significant portion of revenue share in the overall market. However, continuing admission of older patients in hospitals coupled with increasing incidence of non-compliance with the current medication regime will provide remarkable growth opportunity for tablet crushers in outpatient hospitals, & home care settings. Further, the growing trend of home medication and availability of durable, lightweight and compact designed tablet crushers would flourish the growth of the tablet crushers market.

Regional Market Outlook

Geographically, the global tablet crushers market is segmented into eight key regions viz. North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan, China, and Middle East & Africa. North America will continue to dominate the global market due to the commercial availability of advanced pill crushers and more number of older patients admitted in hospitals. Europe is expected to hold second largest market share in global tablet crushers market due to presence of large number of domestic manufacturers of tablet crushing devices.

Competition Outlook

Examples of some of the players identified in the global tablet crushers market are Equadose, Dynarex Corporation, CareLine Medical. Majority of tablet crushers are available at local drugstores and online stores. Large number of hospitals are using silent pill crushers over other types owing to its salient features. Tablet crushers testing varies at regional level owing to variations in terms of available technologies used in manufacturing tablet crushers. However, demand for electric tablet crushers offers a global opportunity to its manufacturers, as these are registering high demand globally.

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