The Report Civilian/Commercial Drones Market 2016-2025: Worldwide Analysis, Risk Assessment, Trend Outlook and Business Strategy gives a detailed analysis on the commercial robots in global markets.  The report is based on a comprehensive research study of the commercial drones market by analyzing the entire global market and all its sub-segments through extensively detailed classifications. Profound analysis and assessment are generated from premium information sources with inputs derived from industry professionals across the value chain. The top players in the global market of commercial drones are 3D Robotics (US), Aeronautics Ltd. (Israel), AeroVironment, Inc. (US), Aeryon Labs (Canada), AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. (US), Agribotix LLC (US), Aibotix GmbH (Germany), Airware, Inc. (US), Alibaba Group Holding Limited (China), Amazon (US), Ascending Technologies GmbH (Germany), Aurora Flight (US), AutoCopter Corp. (U.S.), China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (China), CybAero AB (Sweden), Cyberhawk Innovations (UK), Dajiang Innovation Technology Inc. (DJI) (China), Delair-Tech (France), Delta Drone S.A. (France), Denel Dynamics (South Africa), Draganfly Innovations (Canada), DroneDeploy (U.S.), Eagle UAV Services (U.S.), PrecisionHawk (US), Prox Dynamics (Norway), Proxy Technologies (US), Safran (France), Schiebel (Austria), senseFly (Switzerland), Skycatch Inc (US), Sky-Futures (UK), Trimble Navigation Ltd. (US), URSULA Agriculture (U.K.), Walkera (China), Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Japan), Yuneec International (China)

Commercial or the civilian robots are the fastest growing drones in the market. They are targeted towards the professional community and are strong and highly capable. These drones are useful in movies, infrastructure, search and rescue teams, surveying and deliveries and mapping to name a few. There have been many significant developments and advancements with regards to regulatory framework in countries of India and Europe. A significant introduction is FAA’s LAANC program which is the launch of the UAS Integration Pilot Program from FAA. These have propelled the growth of drones in industries like agriculture, insurance, construction, oil & gas, telecommunications and utilities. Along with this, the different types of data and analysis provided by the way of drones are also relevant in making business decisions.

The market of lately has seen a series of consolidations like that of Precision Hawk’s which gave vendors leadership positions. These acquisitions pave way for new revenue streams and are helping in redressal of the company’s brand value after the falling of drones from the sky. Despite the pros of using commercial drones, there are a few restrains in the market. Issues revolving around safety, privacy and public nuisance always surface in these cases. Use of unauthorised drones harm the legitimate commercial drone operators. Thus, more regulations are likely to be expected in the market. There are many rules imposed by authorities but they won’t really make much changes until they become law. The industry is constantly facing new technological breakthroughs that make drones more cost-effective. There already are drone – based AI solutions for image recognition vision.

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