Do you want to have this dessert? Of course, you do. This ‘strawberry cream cake’ is the choice of today after all.

I do not know why people loved this cake but I can surely tell you why I chose it as a birthday celebration dessert. The best part of this cake I loved the most is its creaminess. I usually love simple things with great values, this dessert gave me that, and I just picked it.

Special strawberry cake pic

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Well, do you want to know more about this stunning strawberry cake? Follow me through this post and you will know.

#1) Thin base with more sponginess to make it miraculous

As I mentioned above, I loved the creaminess of this cake but it would not have been possible if this cake would not have this too-spongy base that is supporting the cake and bringing a better texture out of it.

Why I called this thin base miraculous is simple, it is what gives a spongy and creamy bite and makes the taste feel awesome. Imagine, I have given you a cake that has no cream but a sponge sweet layer, will you call it a cake? Of course, you will not.

A cake gets identification by its characteristics and one of the most important is cream. If a cake does not contain cream, it cannot be called a cake rather than be called bread.

#2) Thick strawberry cream layer is what you’ll definitely love

Who does not love cream? This strawberry cream cake is the perfect choice you can make for any occasion because the yum this cream gives is heavenly.

This thick layer made of strawberry cream with the topping decorated with cream piped flower is simply great. Ask a cake lover and he or she will tell you what it means to get a chance to eat cake cream.

If you will ask me to eat the entire cream of this cake, I will say ‘Of course’ and jump over the cake. I feel anyone will do the same as well.

#3) Chocolate crumbs over the topping is the perfect add-on

If you see the image, you can easily catch what I am talking about and respond to it. The trick behind these chocolate crumbs is a fusion feel of strawberry and chocolate. It tastes amazing to believe my words. So you may order it online through online cake shop in Chandigarh and feel the taste.

If you desire to have a unique dessert every time, you should go for this mouth-watering strawberry cream cake for sure. I tried this and can assure you that having this will be the best decision you usually make.


So, finally, you are aware of the cake that can make any of your occasions special. This marvelous cream cake is what you can have any time and on any occasion. It is simple and quite attractive. You should definitely go for this.


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